Facebook User Shares Tribal Dimension To Sanusi’s Dethronement

Kings of the north- Unverified Image
HRH Muhammad Sanusi ll, HRH Nasiru Ado Bayero, HRH Aminu Ado Bayero

In a post making rounds on social media, a user has come up with what may be termed a conspiracy theory as to the events surrounding the dethronement of the former Emir of Kano:

“To all the Southerners expressing their opinions for or against Sanusi, I say: Take it easy. Let us siddon, buy popcorn and coke and be watching this Movie. There might be more to this than meets the eye. Whether this crisis is real or not, one thing I know about the North is that they never lose sight of their true goal or do anything to sabotage it: Total domination of Nigeria is their only ambition. When it comes to that, they stand together and they plan far ahead.Under Obasanjo, with Okonji-Iweala as Finance Minister, and Soludo as CBN Governor, Southern Banks became very powerful, financing infrastructural and economic growth not only in Southern Nigeria but even in other African countries. Nigeria was on the way to becoming a true financial and economic powerhouse FOR the Black World. Southern Banks were a threat to Foreign Capital (West, Middle East and Far East) and also a threat to Northern hegemonic plans.When Sanusi was made CBN Governor under Yar’Adua, the first thing he did was to target Southern Banks and begin to weaken them one after the other under the guise of fighting corruption. At the same time he reopened the door for Foreign as well as Islamic financial capital. He effectively conducted an Economic Jihad that halted the advance of the South and put the North back in a favourable strategic position.Now 2023 is coming -The North has realised one thing: NIGERIA IS RIPE FOR CHANGE! The Northern strategists would prefer that the modernising of Nigeria take place under a Northerner than under a Southerner. So they have to present a viable Northern candidate for that.This is where Sanusi comes into the picture.If you study Sanusi’s actions, you will see that he is deeply pro-North and anti-South in a very intelligent progressive way. Sanusi understands what it takes to make the North overtake and dominate the South IN EVERY WAY in a modern world.But when you hear him talking you will think he is a detribalised pan-nigerian government critic, which is why so many Southerners foolishly support him.The North understand that Sanusi would be more valuable to them as the President of Nigeria than as the Emir of Kano. He would not only help the North to overtake the South systemically and on all possible levels. He would also modernise Nigeria, so that the credit for the modernisation of Nigeria will go to a Northerner.The Northern future-planners would rather have Sanusi in a position to become the President of Nigeria.*- Fidel KM Agun©*

GistHounds does not share the view but we feel the need to give you unfettered access to divergent views and positions. Please let’s know how you feel in the comments.


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