China Officially ends CoronaVirus Lockdown after 76 days


The world was changed forever when the #coronavirus outbreak forced the city of Wuhan, China to effectively shut down back in January—well now, it appears that life there is getting back to normal. According to new reports, the coronavirus lockdown in the city of Wuhan has finally come to an end after almost three months.

CNN reports, China has ended its lockdown of Wuhan, the original epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak, as the city is finally reemerging from the devastating and deadly outbreak that has now taken a toll worldwide. Wuhan’s borders, which had been sealed from the outside world since January 23rd, have now reopened and will now allow healthy residents and visitors to leave the city—as trains and flights have resumed operations along with the reopening of highway entrances.

The easing of travel restrictions on Wuhan is the latest milestone for China in the battle against the coronavirus outbreak, as the country recently reported almost now new local infections in the past few weeks. This is definitely promising news for a city of 11 million people that was brought to a grinding halt due to the virus.


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