This Gaming Bed Doubles As a Home Office, So You May Never Need to Leave Your Bedroom Again


It can be hard to leave the comfy embrace of your bed. One Japanese company has created a setup that means you don’t have to. The collection of furniture and accessories form Bauhutte enable you to bring your desk, snacks, and wardrobe right up to your bed so you can stay there basically all the time, without sacrificing your full computer setup.

The system is designed for gaming — Bauhutte creates all kinds of gear for gamers, from desks and chairs to onesies (much more practical than snuggies, we admit) — but it could just as easily be used to turn your bed into a home office/snack station, if you’re ready to graduate from the old laptop and IKEA bed tray setup.

For now, the gaming bed collection from Bauhutte appears to only be available on the Japanese version of Amazon. According to the Business Insider, the whole thing costs about $1,200, though that depends on how many snack carts you’re bringing to your personal arrangement.

Not included in that price are the computer, other electronics, or bed. If you plan to eat snacks while fully reclined, you might need to factor in the cost of a mini vacuum cleaner to keep on the Bauhutte shelves as well.

Add in a bedside toilet and a robot assistant to make trips to the door and the fridge, and you may never need to leave your bed again.

Jokes, and crumbs, aside, this is a smart and relatively affordable way to maximize space. Just make sure to get up and stretch once in a while.


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