PARSCALE: Twitter Censors President Trump But Not Communist China? Something Doesn’t Add Up


It’s happening again. We always knew it would and President Trump is acting on behalf of the American people.

Silicon Valley, along with the Washington political establishment and mainstream media allies, are pulling out all the stops to take down the greatest threat to America’s ruling elite — President Donald Trump.

Make no mistake — President Donald Trump sits in the Oval Office despite the establishment forces united against him in 2016, and his enemies have been singularly focused on removing him from office and silencing his supporters through intimidation and censorship.

Now, Silicon Valley is partnering with the Washington political establishment and biased mainstream media “fact checkers” to try and coat their political activism with a layer of pseudo-journalistic credibility.

This week, Twitter attached “warning labels” to President Trump’s tweets opining that mail-in ballots expose our election system to new forms of fraud — a demonstrable fact. Twitter posted warnings to the tweets, asserting that Trump’s comments were false, citing “fact-checkers” from CNN and The Washington Post.

Not only is Twitter wrong to dismiss the factual issue of voter fraud, it’s an egregious abuse of power to specifically target President Trump while allowing others, including Joe Biden and the Communist Party of China, to repeatedly post clearly erroneous tweets and propaganda.

Now, President Trump is holding Twitter, and other social media platforms, accountable by protecting Americans against arbitrary censorship from Twitter and other Big Tech companies.

Companies like Twitter have had unchecked power to censor, restrict, edit, hide and alter virtually any form of communication between private citizens and public audiences.

Twitter’s decision to wage a censorship campaign against the sitting U.S. president, while refusing to crackdown on literal Chinese Communist propaganda, should concern every American.

When China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian Zhao falsely accused the U.S. Army of bringing the coronavirus to the city of Wuhan, Twitter did nothing.

Only after targeting the U.S. president, and being called out for its bias, did Twitter add a label to Zhao’s two-month old tweets late Wednesday evening.

The fact that President Trump is following through on his promises to the American people — from tax breaks for working families, to rebuilding the greatest economy in the history of the world before it was artificially interrupted by a global pandemic — only drives his detractors even more into a frenzy.

Instead of challenging the president on the issues through honest, open debate, Silicon Valley and Twitter are resorting to intimidation, bullying tactics and censorship.

Twitter, like today’s Democrat Party, realizes they cannot defend their actions and globalist worldview to the American people, so they resort to attempts at silencing the president and his millions of supporters.

Before Twitter and the social media platforms of today, news and information sharing came almost exclusively from a small number of mainstream media “gatekeepers” who had the power to drive entire news cycles and decided who would have a voice in the national discourse.

President Trump utilized his social media platforms in 2016 like no one before, bypassing the media establishment to speak directly with the American people.

The Silicon Valley elite thumb their noses at America’s heartland and “fly over states” from inside the bubble of Washington, New York, Hollywood and San Francisco — but they used to keep it to themselves.

President Trump exposed the Washington political establishment and mainstream media for what they are, and who they represent — leftwing political activists in bed with the global elite. Their hubris and lack of self-awareness is shocking, yet understandable considering how long they’ve gone unchecked with such massive power to control and shape national conversations and public discourse.

Yoel Roth, Twitter’s “Head of Site Integrity,” is involved with developing and enforcing Twitter’s rules like the one used to censor President Trump’s tweets. Roth’s Twitter feed is rife with politically biased posts, including personal, childish attacks on Republican lawmakers and President Trump.

The most revealing tweet from Mr. Roth perfectly encapsulates the liberal coastal elite’s view of the rest of the country. “I’m just saying, we fly over those states that voted for a racist tangerine for a reason,” Roth said the day after the 2016 election results.

And as an exclamation point onto the fact he isn’t afraid of accountability, the tweet remains on his account as of now.

The entrenched Washington political establishment, Twitter and many in Silicon Valley have shown their willingness to stop at nothing to take down President Trump while simultaneously ignoring — even tolerating — Chinese Communist propaganda.

President Trump is taking action to protect the voice of the American people. Just like in 2016, the president’s message will not be silenced by Twitter, Silicon Valley or anyone else.

Brad Parscale is Campaign Manager of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.


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