Lekki Shooting: the US Condemns Incident, Demands Justice For Victims


United States Government has condemned the shooting of unarmed #EndSARS protesters in the Lekki area of Lagos State on Tuesday.

In a tweet on Thursday, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, equally called for the prosecution of those involved in the shooting.

“The United States strongly condemns incidents of military forces firing on unarmed protestors in Lagos,” Pompeo tweeted.

He added: “Those involved should be held to account under the law. We extend our condolences to the victims of the violence and their families.”

The #EndSARS protest which has lasted about two weeks took a different dimension on Tuesday evening as soldiers opened fire on the protesters in the Lekki area of Lagos State.

This was a few hours after the Lagos State Government announced a curfew to curb the protest which was increasingly gaining momentum.

Despite several accounts by witnesses and videos showing soldiers shooting at the protesters, the military has denied any involvement in the incident.

Over 28 persons were wounded during the shooting with some deaths reported. Amnesty International put the casualty figure at 12.

Witnesses, however, claim that the casualties were even higher than those injured.

The incident attracted condemnation from several world leaders with international agencies demanding a swift investigation into the matter.
Others called on President Muhammadu Buhari to address the nation as the Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces.

Irked by the development, several angry youths took to the streets in Lagos State, setting buildings, vehicles, and other things on fire.


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