Harry And Meghan’s Son Reveals ‘American Accent’ On Podcast


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s toddler son Archie was heard speaking for the first time Tuesday, as the couple released their first podcast, with British media seizing on his “American” accent.

Archie, born in May 2019, giggles and wishes listeners “Happy New Year” at the end of the couple’s debut on the Spotify audio streaming platform.

The Daily Mail’s royal editor Rebecca English tweeted that “he very much has an American accent,” while The Sun tabloid wrote: “Baby Archie has an American accent.”

The appearance of 18-month-old Archie comes after the couple have launched a spate of legal actions against the media over alleged breaches of their privacy, while revealing aspects of their private life in ways they control.

Markle earlier this month settled a claim against a news agency that took photographs of her and Archie in a Canadian park.

She wrote an opinion piece for The New York Times in November revealing that she miscarried the couple’s second baby.

This was the first episode after the couple earlier this month announced a deal with Spotify to record “uplifting and entertaining stories”.

Since ceasing royal duties and moving to California this year, the couple have launched various creative ventures, including a deal with the streaming giant Netflix.

For the podcast, they asked famous friends including the singer Elton John, television presenter James Corden, and New Age guru Deepak Chopra to make recordings talking about their experiences coping with the pandemic and hopes for next year.

“Our collective mental health has been at the forefront of people’s minds, and rightly so,” says Harry, who along with Markle narrates and links the items.

“It’s been an awful time for people. I hope we can heal in 2021,” says Elton John, who described 2020 as “the worst year I’ve ever known, and I’m 73.”

“Cheers to that, Elton,” says Harry.

The couple also talk about their feelings for each other.

“Trust us when we say: love wins,” Meghan says.

“Love always wins,” Harry chimes in.

The podcast ends with a gospel song played at the couple’s wedding: “This Little Light of Mine.”


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