Governor Godwin Obaseki of the Peoples Democratic Party has been re-elected as governor of Edo State.

Read on for details of the results of the election announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission on Sunday.

AKOKO EDO22,96320,101
ESAN CENTRAL6,71910,794
ESAN NORTH EAST6,55613,579
ESAN SOUTH EAST9,23710,563
ESAN WEST7,18917,434
ETSAKO EAST17,01110,668
ETSAKO WEST26,14017,959
IKPOBA OKHA18,21841,030
OVIA NORTH EAST9,90716,987
OVIA SOUTH WEST10,63612,659
OWAN EAST19,29514,762
OWAN WEST11,19311,485

Godwin Obaseki of the PDP has been declared the winner of the election!

The incumbent governor secured 307,955 of the total votes, 84,336 more votes than his closest rival Ize-Iyamu, who got 223,619 votes.

Result: Ovia South-West (as announced by INEC)

APC – 10,636
PDP – 12,659

12:38 – The result of Ovia South-West, the last local government in line, is expected to be announced in the next 40 minutes.

Result: Orhionmwon (as announced by INEC)

APC – 10,458
PDP – 13,445

12:24 – The collation committee is back and Orhionmwon results are being reeled out.

11: 10 – After about five hours of announcements and breaks, the final results of the Edo election are almost complete.

11:01 – The collation committee is now on break.

Two local government results – Orhionmwon and Ovia South-West – are yet to be announced.

Result: Etsako Central (as announced by INEC)

APC – 8,359
PDP – 7,478

Result: Etsako East (as announced by INEC)

APC :17,011
PDP: 10,668

Expectation: The remaining results are being ferried into the collation centre.

Results: Akoko Edo (as announced by INEC)

APC – 22963
PDP – 20101

9:28 – The announcement of the results is about to resume after about an hour’s break.

Result: Esan West (as announced by INEC)

APC – 7,189
PDP – 17,434

Result: Oredo (as announced by INEC)

APC – 18,365
PDP – 43,498

Result: Esan South-East (as announced by INEC)

APC – 9,237
PDP – 10,563

*An INEC officer made a correction on this result.

Result: Etsako West (as announced by INEC)

APC – 26,140
PDP – 17,959

Result: Ovia North-East (as announced by INEC)

APC – 9,907
PDP – 16,987

Result: Owan West (as announced by INEC)

APC – 11,193
PDP – 11,485

Result: Owan East (as announced by INEC)

APC – 19,295
PDP – 14,762

Result: Egor (as announced by INEC)

APC – 10,202
PDP – 27,621

Result: Uhunmwonde (as announced by INEC)

APC – 5,972
PDP – 10,022

Result: Ikpoba Okha (as announced by INEC)

APC – 18,218
PDP – 41,030

Result: Esan Central (as announced by INEC)

APC – 6,719
PDP – 10,794

*An INEC officer made a correction on this result.

Result: Esan North-East (as announced by INEC)

APC – 6556
PDP – 13,579

6:09 – The election materials for Ward 8, Unit 3, were snatched and voting couldn’t take place, says the returning officer for Igueben Local Government.

Result: Igueben LG (as announced by INEC)

APC – 5199
PDP – 7870

6:04 – Ten local government results are already available. Igueben local government will first be announced.

5:55: INEC’s Collation Committee is set to announce the official results of the election from all local governments. Party agents are also present at the meeting.


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